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Websites that
make you Money

Uniquely designed for YOU with
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What’s on offer?

About Original Kink

Here at Orignial Kink, we have been producing websites and videos for over
16 years, historically for the vanilla markets, but in recent years we have
been moving more and more to the kink side of life.

Our Video

“Websites That Make You Money!”
Check out what we can do you spice up your internet presence
while you watch the cash pour in. 

For just £60 set-up
& a low monthly fee

  • YOUR site, uniquely designed and easily edited by YOU
  • YOUR own payment system, approved for adult content
  • YOUR money, paid to YOU every month
  • YOUR unique content making YOU money
  • YOUR online shop – sell anything!
  • YOUR members’ area for YOUR paying subs
  • YOUR tribute and deposit taking function


Money Now


Recurring income every month. You can set up to 2 levels of membership: standard and premium. Members can have exclusive access to private galleries, blog posts and even discounts on Your clips.


Sell items of clothing, a lock of hair, old socks or shoes, worn stockings or whatever You like – You would not believe what some people sell!


We all know how flaky some potential slaves are! Making them send a deposit while on Your site is far more reliable than just sending them off to do a bank transfer or pay cash into Your bank.

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