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About Original Kink

Here at Original Kink, we have been producing websites and videos for over
16 years, historically for the vanilla markets, but in recent years we have
been moving more and more to the kink side of life.

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“Websites That Make You Money!”
Check out what we can do you spice up your internet presence
while you watch the cash pour in. 

For just £60 set-up
& a low monthly fee

  • YOUR site, uniquely designed and easily edited by YOU
  • YOUR unique content making YOU money
  • YOUR members’ via for YOUR paying subs


Memberships are  now operated
Through our membership website have exclusive access
to private galleries, videos.
Also Included  is a private camming, phone chat and Messaging
(members are charged extra for this)


Sell items of clothing, a lock of hair, old socks
or shoes, worn stockings or whatever You like –
You would not believe what some people sell!

*Tributes, Desposits Through Website *
 "Masterscard and Visa" have severely tightened up on accepting card payments  These rules present too many hurdles and they are preventing us from getting individual websites approved for any payment features to be hosted on your website. By far the biggest issue is their "restricted content list", meaning that your website would be need to be totally free from certain things. While some are self-evidently good, some are very much on-topic and we believe will make your website a less powerful tool.

We do have a partial solution for this: Instead of using a credit or debit card for tributes, your customers can perform a bank transfer to us, which we then forward to you.

This will allow you to accept bank transfers without the payee having your personal details and, likewise, the payees will not be revealing their personal details to you. All payments will processed within 24 hours to your bank account less a 2.5% fee.

When someone clicks on the Tribute button they will be given a generated code to use as a reference, this will identify where the money needs to sent.

The maximum tribute amount is set to £200

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