A bit on the side

Although an Original Kink website is incredibly easy to populate and edit, we understand that Your time is precious, so why not let us get You all set up and ready to go?

What can we do for You?

Full Set-up

Your new website has so many features like Memberships, Diary, Blog, Shop – the list goes on. Give us the answers to a few questions, like how much You want to charge Your members, we can set everything up for You.

Cost – just £7.50

Let’s do it!

Site Population – the Works!

As well as full set-up, let us create and fill pages on Your new site with our generic content. This text was written in-house and is based on insider knowledge and experience of all things FemDom, as well as our own filthy minds!

Cost – just £20 (up to 10 pages)

Individual Copywriting

If You would like us to write some gorgeous bespoke content for Your new site, just get in touch and we can discuss it.

Cost – price on application

Creating Photo Galleries

Again, simple to do Yourself, but we can take it off Your hands! Just Dropbox or wetransfer your images to us, we will re-size, crop and upload them for You.

Cost - £5 per Gallery (max 15 pics)

* The reason we recommend no more than 15 pictures per gallery is a simple matter of economics. For those of You with paying Members, having multiple galleries with less images in makes those members feel all special and that they are gettings loads for their money!