All about us

Original Kink is part of a family of websites under the Brand Name of "Sunkat Ltd"  These include;
Originalkink (websites)  Sunkat Market (an online shop for Mistresses) Clipsfatale (clips site) Myfans (membership site) Mistress- Directory (free listings ) Pain Palace Studios (our own dungeon) Filmingslaves ( a free site for advertising for filming slaves)

If you decide to have a website with us or join any of the Sunkat family, you automatically gain access to all other sites through your unique username and password.

All payments to you are paid via the Sunkat bank account

Original Kink, we have been producing websites and videos for over 16 years, historically for the vanilla markets, but in recent years we have been moving more and more to the kink side of life.

Through many discussions with those in the world of fetish, we came to realise that the requirements and wishes of the community, in terms of websites specifically, differ in many ways. The things which are important and sometimes critical to You wouldn't even enter the heads of someone without a knowledge of the scene; age verification, paid memberships and clip viewing and selling capabilities to name but a few.

We launched clipsFatale, the clips site dedicated entirely to the FemDom community, just under a year ago and talking to these Ladies cemented the idea that we should do something different in terms of websites. So here we are.

What we offer now is unparallelled in terms of what it can do for Your business and after all, it is a business; You may be a lifestyle kinkster but that doesn't mean You should give it away for free! Our sites offer everything You could need in one place.

All our websites are designed individually for You. The come with all the tools You will need to Monetise Your Majesty; that is to make cash out of everything You do! These include a shop, clip store, paid memberships, the ability to take tributes, blog and even camming.

All sites are Content Managed, using our own software (No Wordpress or the like, which are easily hacked), which means You can add to and update them as much as You like.

Having a site that looks great on tablet and mobile is essential these days, so all ours are fully responsive as standard.

For just a £18  monthly fee, You get all the above,  including hosting, emails and support

Sound good? Sign up now… World Dommeination is just a click away!