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About Original Kink

Here at Original Kink, we have been producing websites and videos for over 16 years, historically for the vanilla markets,

but in recent years we have been moving more and more to the kink side of life.

Unique Design

We create individually tailored, bespoke websites for each and every one of our customers; we never use templates.

Easy to Edit

Our sites are all content managed. This means You can manage and update Your site easily. We do NOT use Wordpress or any other ‘off-the-shelf’ systems which are vulnerable to being hacked.

Fully Responsive

In line with modern trends, all our websites are responsive, so they also look great on both phones and tablets.

Suck it and See

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Memberships are  now operated
Through our membership website Members have exclusive access
to private galleries, videos.
Also Included  is a private camming, phone chat and Messaging


Sell items of clothing, a lock of hair, old socks
or shoes, worn stockings or whatever You like –
You would not believe what some people sell!


 "Masterscard and Visa" have severely tightened up on accepting card payments.however, your clients can perform a bank transfer to us, which we then forward to you and protects your identity. All payments will processed within 24 hours to your bank account less a 2.5% fee.

Click to get a FREE, no-obligation design preview