About the Package

What's in the box?

Other services have complicated options and different packages. And then you find that what you need to do means you have to pay more!

Original Kink is Different

We only have one package!

We think its great value because we give you everything in the box from the beginning - you can choose which features make most sense to you.

£18.00 per month

including hosting

Core Features

  • Powered by the all-new Next platform - contains all the tools you need to build a next-generation web site
  • Powerful PageBuilder for creating mobile-friendly layouts with rich content types, including formatted text and images, as well as forms, cards, slideshows, tabbed panels and more.
  • Easy Media Manager with a built-in Image Editor for small alterations
  • Image galleries, including a simple wizard to take a collection of photos and turn them into a gallery, page or blog post
  • Frequent updates to improve security and stability and add new features


  • Complete Blog for all your news
  • Calendar to keep everyone in sync - including optional RSS and iCal support
  • Pop-up dialogs
  • Advanced on-site SEO features
  • Structured navigation with a phone-first design

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